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Vincent Zambrano makes his feature directorial debut with

Yigal Ozeri - The Chameleon a documentary base on the life, works and struggles of Yigal Ozeri.


Tagline: "The unorthodox Chameleon and His Rags to Riches Story"


Synopsis: Yigal Ozeri “The Chameleon" - A documentary on the Israeli Artist, one of the biggest art personalities in Photorealism today, spent over half a century experimenting with a remarkable range of techniques, ideas and genres. Constantly changing and reinventing his art to the point of perfection, “The Chameleon” offers a thrilling insight into Yigal’s creative process, passion for life, and rocky road to success. Featuring rare archival footage from his humble beginnings and exclusive interviews from those closest to the artist. This documentary offers a glimpse into the man behind the brush. His "bigger than life" persona fully displayed on screen depicts a magnetic, powerful, and uncompromising artist whose life's work inspires others, while exposing his ongoing obsession with romanticism and beauty.

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